NMR Strava activities

NMR Strava activities Рis a WordPress plugin that allows your website to subscribe Рweb-hook Рto Strava.

You need to setup a My API Application in Strava

Next, you can configure the plugin NMR Strava activities, in your WordPress admin view: Settings->Strava NMR

Your logged in WordPress users can open a specially crafted page made by you, that includes the shortcode: [strava_nmr]

That page will list a link to Strava, where the Strava user will authorize Strava to send activity data back to your WordPress site as soon as they are recorded.

Strava user will then go on and perform/record activities as usual.

Those activities will be sent by Strava to your WordPress site.

Received data is stored in a table on your WordPress instalation.

An internal WordPress event is fired: strava_nmr_activity_changed together with relevant Strava activity data like: activity type (run, walk, etc), distance, time and so on. One can listen and react to that event using WordPress action handlers, see add_action()

I’m available for consulting work – get a quote from: mircea (at) namir.ro

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