Custom Datepicker Plus NMR


Custom Datepicker Plus NMR

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Custom Datepicker Plus NMR
Wordpress plugin that adds date format capabilities to Contact Form 7.
Allows specifying unavailable dates.


[datepickerplus myFirstDatepicker id:myFirstDatepicker min:2023-02-06 max:2023-03-08 nmrexclude:2023-02-26|2023-02-20_2023-02-24]


`nmrexclude` is a list of simple dates or date intervals. The list separator is the pipe character: `|`. To define a date interval write 2 dates in yyyy-mm-dd format separated by underline character: `_
is a list of 2 elements:

– `2023-02-26` – is a simple date
– `2023-02-20_2023-02-24` – is a date interval: from 20-Feb-2023 to 24-Feb-2023